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腎臓がん公表シブタニ妹マイアがトレーニング再開 「力強さ戻らない」も復活へ第一歩

【画像】こんな元気な姿をみんな待っている! 2年前と今… 復活へトレーニングを再開したマイアの実際の姿

【特集】「心も身体も健康に」元ショートトラック選手が伝えたいウオーキングの魅力 / ショートトラック・勅使川原郁恵インタビュー(GROWINGへ)


Two years ago today, @alexshibutani and I won our second Olympic medal in PyeongChang. I can remember everything about that day. I’ll always be so proud that rather than allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed, we had the performance of our dreams. There was an incredible amount of pressure and no room for errors, but we stayed present and had one of those magical Olympic moments. Today, I went to the gym for the first time since my surgery in December. On my way there, it really hit me that I was working out for the first time in months on the anniversary of such an important and memorable day in my life. I was already anxious about getting started again, but it was emotionally overwhelming to contrast the elation I felt two years ago at the Olympics with the uncertainty that I felt this morning. My body feels weak – I am not in the physical shape that I’m used to being in. Since I kept working to get stronger following the Olympics, I was in the best shape of my life before my surgery. I think that the last time I took a break longer than a week from training was when I was four or five years old (not even kidding). This morning, rather than being proud of the progress I’ve made with my health and embracing the special significance of today, I was comparing myself to where I was two years ago. Thankfully, I have a great support system that encouraged me, lifted me up, and reminded me to adjust my perspective. My workout was better than I expected. I stopped judging myself and instead focused on embracing the moment. Some days are tougher than others, but I’m learning and growing so much from the challenges of these past few months. Everything won’t change right away and I need to continue to be patient, but today was a special reminder to celebrate, love, and be kind to myself.

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【画像】こんな元気な姿をみんな待っている! 2年前と今… 復活へトレーニングを再開したマイアの実際の姿



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