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日本の天敵レイドローが代表引退を表明 海外惜別「スコットランドの絶対的英雄だ」

【画像】「やめないで!」「悲しい」と惜別殺到! いつの時代も男前、思い出の3枚とともに…レイドローが引退表明した実際の投稿

【注目】鉄人・鳥谷敬が『チアスタ!』に挑戦 社会貢献「レッドバードプロジェクト」で募る応援


Captaining your country to victory is the stuff of childhood dreams. To say I will never again stand in the tunnel, filled with nerves, alongside my rugby family and lead my teammates out on to the pitch at BT Murrayfield, is incredibly hard. While my body and heart could continue playing, my head tells me that it’s time to let the team rebuild. In terms of where Scotland is now, they are in a position to spring forward and I cannot wait to give them my full support from the stands. To the Scotland coaches and backroom staff over the years who dedicate hours behind the scenes to prepare the team collectively and as individuals, I thank you. To the people who have helped me achieve my dreams: my team-mates, my parents, sister, family, close friends and my incredible wife, Rachel, and our sons, I will be forever thankful for all the support you have shown me over the years; you have stuck by me through thick and thin. A number of years ago I was afforded the opportunity as captain to lead the team tactically and understand how to steer a national team both on the field and through preparation. I have learned the importance of asking for help, involving others in leadership and I recognise that collective leadership is the ultimate path to follow, to lift others up such that they can go further. These skills will stand me in great stead throughout the remainder of my playing career and into business. I’d also like to thank Scottish Rugby and the staff behind the scenes who have both supported me as captain and a player and enabled the team to perform in front of capacity crowds. And finally, a massive thanks to the Scotland supporters both in Scotland and abroad for sharing the rollercoaster ride of international rugby with me. Your support was always appreciated, from messages on social media to being at the stadium, or just stopping to chat on the street. I look forward to supporting the team alongside you all at BT Murrayfield soon. Alba gu bràth.

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【画像】「やめないで!」「悲しい」と惜別殺到! いつの時代も男前、思い出の3枚とともに…レイドローが引退表明した実際の投稿

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