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大坂、“チームなおみ”の1枚に998文字の感謝つづる 「ありがとう! みんな大好き」

【画像】笑顔の大坂の隣は誰? 快進撃を支えた“チームなおみ”と…大坂が「ありがとう! みんな大好き」と998文字で感謝つづった実際の投稿

【PR】日本くじ史上最高額! 1等最高12億円の「MEGA BIG」でくじを楽しみながら日本のスポーツを盛り上げよう

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Hey so I know I’ve been posting a lot 😖 sorry but real quick I want to thank everyone around me, because during the ceremony I was too nervous and I didn’t wanna talk for too long lol. Trust me this is super long hahaha feel free to disregard 😫. Firstly thank you Kristy this is our first grand slam together, 2nd overall. I haven’t known you for a long time but I already wonder what I would do without you, I don’t think I could’ve held my sanity together without you lol thank you ❤️. Thank you Abdul for always pushing me to be a better version of myself and also I don’t think I could’ve played all those three sets without you hahahahaha. Thank you Stu for being the best agent ever and also lowkey therapist sometimes 😂. Thank you Sash for hitting with me for these past 2 weeks. Thank you Carly for texting me jokes that were super lame 😫. Thank you Yoshikawa-san and Toshi for all the support. Thank you MJ for always helping me with everything. Thank you Shimokura-san and Sakai for always smiling, literally 😁😂. Lastly, thank you dad for teaching me the values in life. I’ve been surrounded by such awesome people this trip and I’m really grateful for it. Love you guys 😭❤️ (okay I’ll stop posting for a while now haha)

Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみさん(@naomiosakatennis)がシェアした投稿 –

【画像】笑顔の大坂の隣は誰? 快進撃を支えた“チームなおみ”と…大坂が「ありがとう! みんな大好き」と998文字で感謝つづった実際の投稿



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