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安藤美姫、愛娘との顔出し2ショット初公開 批判覚悟も海外選手は称賛「これこそ愛だ」

【画像】愛娘の嬉しそうな表情がはっきりと…「これこそ愛だ」と海外選手は称賛! 安藤さんが投稿した顔出し2ショットの実際の写真(2枚目)

【動画】インターハイ2021「できっこないを、やる夏だ。」 市立船橋陸上部と守祐陽に密着した応援ムービー


Everyone who watched the "Ariyoshi seminar" broadcast today. Until now, I had chosen to hide and protect my daughter's face. It was my choice to think of my daughter, At the same time, it was a sad life. It's a normal mother for my daughter… Figure skater "Miki Ando" in Japan. There is also a position and an unusual life. The daughter who became an elementary school "Why do you hide my face?" "Is it better to hiding behind?" I was sad to hear such a girl's words. When my daughter was little, I also took photos and signed with people who supported me when I went to play or at ice shows. "She is my mom" "Why don't you come to me right now?" She wasn’t happy about it. "Yes, I'm sorry…" I'm sorry It made me feel lonely. To such words There was something that made me think that my daughter was old enough to convey her feelings. I'm sure there are various opinions. But even when I was 18 years old, I couldn't believe the people around me, so I finally believe in people, and there are people I can believe in. There are people who really support us. There are many people who support us. I wanted to convey to everyone the meaning of my daughter's existence, and I was supported by people I could trust. After all, there are still a lot of things that I feel uneasy and scary, but more than that, with my family, friends and other fans I've met, work-related people, people I'm going to meet "Thanks for meeting" From now on We will live our life with big SMILES and happiness!!! Again thank you for supporting me and my daughter. Please keep supporting us with your LOVE. Thank you for your cooperation. With Love ♥️From MIKI & Himawari ♥️ #mikiando #motheranddaughter

Miki Ando⛸安藤美姫(@miki_m_ando0403)がシェアした投稿 –

【画像】愛娘の嬉しそうな表情がはっきりと…「これこそ愛だ」と海外選手は称賛! 安藤さんが投稿した顔出し2ショットの実際の写真(2枚目)


J1,J2,J3全試合中継 DAZN独占 明治安田生命Jリーグ 2月26日(金)開幕

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ポカリスエット ゼリー|ポカリスエット公式サイト|大塚製薬
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J1,J2,J3全試合中継 DAZN独占 明治安田生命Jリーグ 2月26日(金)開幕
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